Crane Meadows is pleased to announce its line of “Bee” lotion bars as its second product from the hive.  (Honey, of course, being the first.)  Countless hours have been spent researching the highest quality ingredients and experimenting with these ingredients to develop a wonderfully smooth, hard lotion bar.  Our lotion bar has gone through its initial testing, and family and friends have further tested our product and given us feedback on our lotion and the scents we have created.  Our scented lotion bars contain a blend of 100% pure essential oils.  The oils were chosen for their healing properties and work in conjunction with the healing ingredients already present in our basic lotion bar.  The essential oils were also blended for their aroma therapeutic qualities which we hope our customers will find pleasing.



INterested in pure local honey?

Texas Beekeepers Association maintains an inter-active map listing places to buy local honey from Texas beekeepers. There is a link on the right side under Places we like.


Honey from Bentley Bees' hives is sold through Crane Meadows.


For honey local to the Houston, Harris County, Chambers County and Liberty County areas, you won't find any honey of better quality then from Crane Meadows.