Our mission is to provide the best quality local honey and other products made from bees that are raised without adding any chemicals to the bee hive.

To accomplish this mission, we have chosen the difficult path to be totally chemical free in the raising of our bees.  We never add any chemicals to the hive, to the equipment used in the hive or in the bee yard.  Totally chemical free beekeeping means not using any hard or soft chemicals including medications at any time of the year.

Our honey is pure, raw honey that is strained to remove particles like pieces of wax and bee parts. Raw honey means that it is never filtered so it still contains all the pollen and enzymes that make our honey healthy for you. Our honey is never heated above 120 degrees. Honey heated over 180 degrees changes the sugar structure and destroys the enzymes that give raw honey its natural, healthy properties.


Crane Meadows' Lotion bars are made with all natural products from sources we trust. To learn more about our lotion bars click here.


We are currently selling honey and our other products at these regular events:

Third Saturdays at Baytown Farmers Market

Second Saturdays at Dayton Farmer's Market starting March 9th


We can also be found at some seasonal events like:

Frascone Winery Grape Stomp in October

Liberty County Beekeepers Honey Harvest Day - July

Gulf Coast Mead Festival - April 27th, 2019


Thank you to the many people who have helped us along the way and to those supporting our continual journey,

Cameron Crane & Therese Rodgers


We package honey in glass jars because of the advantages glass offers when packaging raw honey. Mostly because of shipping charges, we do not sell honey online.


Currently we do not produce enough honey to sell in bulk at a discount price.


Contact us 8.2.2017.

INterested in pure local honey?

Bentley Bees, Crane Meadows and Frascone Winery are proud sponsors of the fourth annual:

Gulf Coast Mead Festival - April 27th, 2019


Texas Beekeepers Association maintains an inter-active map listing places to buy local honey from Texas beekeepers. There is a link on the right side under Places we like.


Honey from Bentley Bees hives is sold through Crane Meadows.


For honey local to the Harris County, Chambers County and Liberty County areas, you won't find any honey of better quality then from Crane Meadows.